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Gråblomst's second album, Madame Clamour, will be RELEASED 8TH OF JUNE 2017. Can be pre-ordered NOW. Will ship Monday 5th of June. Download card included.

Gråblomst is my husband and myself, and Madame Clamour is our second album. Shrink wrapped 140 gram vinyl with 3mm spine.

It's also sold as a bundle with Gråblomst's first album, Mr. Shrimp, for 340 NOK total on Gråblomst's shop http://graablomst.tictail.com where you also can find 9 different tees and other merch. 

Photos, videos and biography of Gråblomst: grablomst.com and @graablomst

Track list:
Astronaut (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Waves over Whale (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Mulberry (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Pleasing People (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Invisible (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Bear in my Chair (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Ugly (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Cold as Frost (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)
Track no. 9 (Gråblomst/Gråblomst)


I love to photograph and paint, and this is where you get the chance to buy my artwork and also vinyl records from my band Gråblomst.

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My photo prints are limited edition, signed and numbered in edition of 10.
Printed on photo matte 180 gram paper.  Comes in two different sizes.

My paintings is plotted on high quality canvas and they are signed. They are sold unframed in two different sizes. Do you want a customized size? E-mail me!

Both the photos and paintings are printed on my high quality local print shop in Norway, which uses a 12 colour RGB printer to make sure the colour range of the print will be exactly like the original. 

Do you see a photo on my blog that you would like to see in this shop? Please let me know!

Blog: villabetula.com
Instagram: @villabetulablog

E-mail: contact@villabetula.com